Change Your Record

of Achievement

Professional Improvement. Personal Change.

Working in education, our professional lives are challenging & our personal lives, compromised. It is easy to feel overwhelmed & reactive.

We may question our purpose & motives.

Often, we question if we are 'making a difference', experiencing frustration at not feeling able to be the best that we can be.

How can I make this better?

You want to change how you perform, be more organised & in control. Become more effective in both your professional and personal life.

For you. For your people.

Perhaps a colleague faces these concerns, needing support to achieve their best. You recognise that your role depends upon their success too.

For your team.

Perhaps team dynamics need to improve. You expect better communication & a greater understanding to enhance cohesion.

Increased accountability. Greater achievement.

Improved outcomes. However you measure.
Change your record.
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Successful teachers. Confident & able. Supportive & committed.

Tomorrow's leaders. Like you.

Support for all levels of the school.

From NQT to leader & governor.

From pupil to parent.

The development & growth of pupils can only be maximised when staff:

Feel resourceful and confident

Can manage the increasing demands that compete for their time

Pupils need resourceful school staff

My motivation?

To keep hold of our educators; to nurture & develop them personally as well as professionally & to ensure that we enable people to maintain the tools to succeed in this challenging profession. Secondly, to actively address the shortfall in demand for middle & senior leader positions within our schools.

Our teachers should thrive, and, believe that they are doing so. Improving self-awareness helps celebrate strengths, identify areas for development and, importantly, enable them to develop strategies to manage improvements in their role. Without this, teacher development will stall. Some will leave & many will not enhance their leadership potential.

Teachers need a


state of mind

Senior leaders need



Not every teacher want to become a senior leader, but they all become leaders to a point. You need all staff to lead change initiatives, within their classroom, within their subject coordination or in the management of support staff. Confident & self-assured staff can deliver this in the right way & not feel overwhelmed, dejected or depleted.

Academisation creates significant change. The unknown & the need to change is unsettling, even when the opportunities are welcomed. You want to work with the best aspects from each unique school culture & create change that can enhance relationships & understanding. This requires time & commitment from everyone involved.

Academies create a change of

culture for all

Parental support is needed for pupils to thrive

The home-school relationship is vital in maximising the potential of every pupil. At times, it is necessary to encourage greater parental involvement in supporting their child. Some parents need strategies to help support their child through periods of transition & to fully appreciate the focus required in order to be at their best. 

Anyone, regardless of their position can benefit from support that builds confidence, competence & expertise from which they flourish.

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 An overview of the support available to you.

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A detailed explanation of the support available.


Nurture what you have

School Notebook

Trainee to NQT

Our teachers are conscientious people, drawn to a profession where they can help others to achieve.

Yet, often, they question if they are achieving in the way they want to.

Leader or leaver?

If teachers are leaving the profession, & many are, or if they lack ambition for senior positions, & many do, something is not right. We need change. And, that starts from within.

From NQT to leadership.

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Meet Ian

Ian gained 12 years of teaching experience from NQT to Head Teacher, including governor. He has also been a part of the transition from an LEA school to an Academy.

Ian provides bespoke school support, enabling people to perform to their best.

"Teachers & leaders should enjoy their work, feel motivated to achieve & should experience success."

Bespoke support:



INSET full/half day

Networking groups


Middle & Senior Leaders

Governing Bodies




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What clients say

Sam P
Head Teacher


"Ian has really brought our small team of hardworking staff together & guided them to think ambitiously for our school. He has made us think meticulously about our school vision & what we need to do to drive teaching & learning forward for the future "


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