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Change Your Record

of Achievement

Professional Improvement. Personal Change.

For you. For your team.

Enhance capabilities. Experience greater results. Achieve more. Enjoy the experience.

A coach can help harness potential & support your developmental journey.



Our personal & professional lives are challenging at times. It is easy to feel overwhelmed & uncertain of which direction to take. We can question our purpose, our motives & our reason for being.

Perhaps you are at a point where you want change. You want to change your record: career, family time, fitness, organisation, control, effectiveness...to name just a few possibilities.

Maybe it is your team that you want to improve. You're looking to enhance cohesion between individuals. You expect better communication, an improved understanding & greater effectiveness.

Improved outcomes. However you measure.

My role?

Support for you along your path of development, whatever it is that you seek.

To provide a structure that will enable you to understand yourself better and to achieve.


Wellbeing: the start point for any improvement.

Motivation: key to enabling change.

Resilience: necessary to maintain momentum.

Self-management: to fully empower the individual.

Personal performance: a connection to intrinsic values.

Professional development: to realise your potential.


What motivates you to improve...to feel a greater sense of reward or satisfaction?

When did you last allow time for self-reflection & the vision you hold for you & those around you?

How well do you understand your natural behaviours?

Do you demonstrate a proactive or reactive approach to important issues?

What does this indicate regarding your effectiveness?

So...how do you maximise your potential for professional  &  personal achievement?

Please take a look through the website. You'll find details about the individual & team support that I offer. As a former education professional I am passionate about development & helping people to achieve their best, whatever 'best' means to them.

All three are central to the  improvement process & I can support you in these areas. Click on each icon for a brief introduction.

Browse Services to learn more about individual support & team development. Then, DISCover more about you & your team. Also, see specific Education Sector information.



"Ian has really brought our small team of hardworking staff together & guided them to think ambitiously for our school. He has made us think meticulously about our school vision & what we need to do to drive teaching & learning forward for the future "

Sam P

Head Teacher, Worcestershire


Feel free to message me

Call: 07751 404331 or 01905 778709    /     Email: ian@icbusinesscoach.co.uk 

Based in Droitwich, Worcestershire

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Change Your Record


of Achievement

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