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BA Business Management

I'm not sure if I found coaching or if coaching found me! Whichever way round it was, I am grateful for the opportunities that led me to  support those that want to make a difference.

Inviting a coach to work alongside you means that you have someone that will draw from within you, the tools, the strength and the insight required to realise change.


I coach and support  professionals that want to improve performance. I recognise how leaders and managers care passionately about their people, their  service and their product. Attention to detail is everything. I also understand the demands of budget constraints, policy reform and workforce change which challenge public sector organisations.

My expertise are in developing people: recognising those unique attributes that each person possesses, then nurturing their development, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the organisation with a greater focus, enthusiasm and sense of achievement.


I support people in developing the skills and resilience to thrive rather than survive; support that enables the individual to recognise their adaptability and their determined commitment towards sustainable change...for them and for their organisation.





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I am an Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator utiising the DiSC Behaviour Profiling Tool  to gain a more detailed understanding of my clients and their communication preferences. DISC is a powerful tool for team effectiveness. By profiling you and your team, the DISC graphs help you learn more about yourself and your people.

Positive and worthwhile change will 'change your record' for the better. Don't be that person who hears the same words or the same tune each time. Be the one who can change their record and realise both the personal and professional improvement that is desired.

Perhaps it is not your personal record but that of your team that needs to change. No problem. We are only as effective as the most vulnerable link in our team and so it makes sense that your desire to explore Coaching, DISC or NLP could be for the benefit of someone else.


Team Improvement

Personal Performance

Workplace Behaviours

Change your record

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If you are an education professional visit Education Coaching for specific detail relating to support available.

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Learn how DiSC Profiling creates insights into individual and team behaviour that will create an improvement in team effectiveness.

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Gain an overview of services which incorporate the above into recruitment support, bespoke workshops and speaker events.


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