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Academisation leads to organisational change

The academisation of schools is the most significant change that most UK educational establishments will undertake. For many, this is stepping into the unknown with optimism, yet uncertain of the true cost of change:



systems & procedures





Change is unsettling. It will ask questions of people & their work methods & it will require people to adapt. But knowing this & managing this are two very different things.

The formation of Academies creates organisational change & new cultures emerge from within diverse school environments. To lead effectively, the Academy's ability to guide and support its schools during this period of change is crucial.​

Gain support that can:

Align governor & senior leader expectations

Craft a vision that is ambitious

Maintain or raise standards

Develop leadership capacity

Grow its leaders of the future

Respond to & communicate with its families

Demonstrate a presence & effective governance

For every policy, procedure or system change, it is your people who are at the heart of each decision. Your effectiveness as an academy or governing body is only as good as the people expected to deliver that change.


Remaining a local authority school brings a different set of challenges yet what has been described is relevant for LA schools also.

Support can be given to help the development of leadership practice & systems improvement.

Professional development that can harness the very best that each govenor can offer to the school, giving members the confidence to fully embrace their role(s).

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