Reading a Compass




The 'operational matters' versus 'strategic leadership' dilemma.

It is too easy for senior leaders to get stuck in the role of manager, so, HOW are you moving people, practice and culture forward if not enough time is spent leading?


  • ​​​How do you balance your time between the two roles?

  • What are the signs you are in the 'leader' mode?​

  • Visionary, motivator, innovator...& inspiring...where is your evidence for these leadership traits?

Gain a better understanding

about you as a leader.

How you achieve this will be determined my many factors including your:

natural behaviours

leadership style choices

response to stressors/challenges

ability to balance detail & big picture


Not only can you become more effective as you begin to adapt, but you become a better role model regarding the aspirations of others.


Often, we are consumed in the day to day events.


'to lead' we must step back from this.

So,  create space.

We need time to consider the big picture.

To determine what's needed.

We need time to create it.

Watch Close-up
Create the time to lead


What you want to achieve will be realised through other people.

When do you 'allow' space & time to plan the vision & your message?

How do you assess your people's understanding of the vision?

How do you  know they are suitable to deliver it?

How are you measuring the incremental steps of progress?


Do the people that lead with you share your ethos?

Where are tomorrow's leaders?


You are not just leading for today; you are leading for tomorrow.

Developing tomorrow's leaders is a key responsibility. Education continues to experience a challenging climate, where a decreasing number of teachers are attracted to leadership posts.

This situation has to be addressed. The way you lead must inspire the next generation of potential leaders. It needs to uncover the proficiency of your people to lead & enable them to realise their leadership potential.

Not everyone is comfortable being a leader. But everyone should be encouraged to fully explore, understand & realise how to be their best & in doing so, your leaders will be discovered; their capabilities uncovered.

So, who do you inspire?


Join a cohort of likeminded people determined to lead improvement

A leadership programme aimed at school leaders who want to:

  • Better recognise their natural workplace behaviours

  • Recognise traits in colleagues & know how to adapt to be understood

  • Want time to explore, craft, plan & then deliver their vision

  • Maximise their workplace effectiveness

  • Pinpoint specific areas that can create improvement

  • Develop the leadership capacity within their school

  • Collaborate to create a better future

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