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What's right for

your school?

Employing the 'right' person is vital. It will determine the level of success that can be achieved and at the very least, will dictate the time & energy that is necessary in order to help that person to succeed.

Their individual success will impact upon the overall success of you and you team.

Employing 'a' teacher is much easier than employing 'the right' teacher.




You need more than just 'a' teacher. To 'fill the gap' you need someone with specific expertise. This gap may be a specific subject coordinator or subject specialist. You may recognise the need to employ experience rather than an NQT, or vice versa.

How often do you consider the specific attributes of each candidate?

Gaining an understanding around someone's personality & natural behaviours - their 'style' -  is extremely beneficial as part of your recruitment and selection process.


You begin to appreciate the natural workplace behaviours and characteristics of each candidate. There's no wrong or right 'type'; however, you know what type of person you need for a particular role in your organisation, according to the dynamics of the existing team, and you can look for those attributes in your candidates.

For example:

  • Do you require a fast-paced and dynamic individual, or a more moderately-paced and reflective person?

  • Do you need someone whose strength is motivating others?

  • Are you wanting someone that is really focussed on details, or are you wanting to atttact a big picture thinker?

What's your mix?

What does your knowledge of the role and the personality mix of your team suggest is the type of person that can benefit the organisation at this time?

Profiling candidates is organised and administered in accordance with the arrangements for your recruitment and selection process. The profile can be completed in advance of scheduled interviews and each candidates outcomes can be shared with an interview panel, in advance of, or during the interview process, subject to availability.

What do you look for when you recruit?

What forms the particulars of the person specification?

If you want specific expertise (maths, english, etc) is their evidence of this enough?


What about their character; their ability to succeed in YOUR school?

Have you considered their approach to work?

Did you trust the judgement made in the reference?

Does teacher training sufficiently prepare people for the demands of the role? If not, how can you support your teachers to develop personal attributes & behaviours that will help them to succeed?

Too many teachers consider leaving the profession, or, are certain that leadership is not for them. But why?

Teachers need support to manage the demands of the role & to ensure that as expectations increase so to does their ability to manage their responsibilities.

Visit 'People Puzzle' for more details of how to support your recruitment process.

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