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Pupil Workshops

Increase motivation & resilience in pupils.

Understand behavioural  preferences & identify careers that support 'their style'.

Discover the characteristics that your pupils need to develop.

We recognise that future generations, more than ever, are going to require a transferable skillset. Those who adapt are probably most likely to enjoy what they do and, importantly, to feel confident about change and adaptation.

Helping our pupils to identify with and to then express how they are as a person is vital to developing this.

If young people recognise the environments & situations where they feel most comfortable, or uncomfortable, they can begin to consider how they can adapt & improve how they respond in different situations.

Armed with this knowledge and with an idea of how to become more adaptable, they can shape their futures according to their natural style, or, they can learn new ways of being & become more proficient in the skills & attributes they need for the careers of their choice.

Often, what is good for us adults is good for our children too and so, some workshops can be adapted to suit a younger audience. As a trained teacher, whole class or smaller group sessions can be led across a range of topics, two of which include:

  • Careers: What would I like to do? - This workshop focuses upon how people see themselves and others (their characteristics) and apply their skill set to the careers they identify. This is not about matching people to a job or industry; it's about helping young people to understand themselves and to consider further attributes that they want to develop within themselves. It's good fun and enlightening for teachers as well as their pupils. Good for careers work and PSHE type activities.

  • Resilience: How can I find it in me? - This workshop explores a range of situations where each of us can focus with the aim of enhancing our resilience. You don't need a bullet-proof cloak, just a strategy that allows progress over time and the ability to 'see' that progress. Each of us needs help at times and this workshop will help participants to help themselves.

Gain insight into how I connect with clients. Express what you are looking for & together we'll discuss how I can support you.