The People Puzzle

Each of us differs in our communication and behavioural style. There is no right or wrong but there are traits and approaches that may appeal in specific situations. Individuals who may compliment each other and those who may not. As a manager or leader, you appreciate this, and you can utilise DiSC to gain a greater insight. About yourself. About your people. Now. And in the future.

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The DISC Behaviour Profiling System is widely used throughout industry as a mechanism to unlock the people puzzle - why people behave the way they do.

The DISC acronym stands for Dominant, Influencing, Steady & Compliant and can help you gain a better insight into behaviour & personality traits.

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Whether you require a better understanding of those you manage or would like greater insight as part of a recruitment process, DiSC Profiling can help you to achieve this. You can understand in minutes what may take substantial time to learn about an individual and the quicker you learn…the faster you can adapt.

By assessing workplace behaviours (DISC), I help individuals & teams to understand each person’s approach to their role, using this information to enhance team efficiency, manage conflict & achieve better outcomes through improved communication. An insightful tool, helping people to articulate why they behave as they do.

Once we recognise the personality traits of an individual, we begin to understand the scenarios in which that person may thrive or feel challenged:​

  • How do they prefer to approach challenges and specific tasks?

  • What pace of work suits them best?

  • How do they instinctively process information?

  • What might their ideal learning environment be?

As we contrast this with our own style we recognise how we must adapt our approach in order to meet the needs of the other person more succinctly.

Through an understanding of these natural tendencies the individual can begin to adapt to their environment, communicate more effectively and consciously manage the styles required in the workplace as a leader, manager, colleague or client. I can support your developmental requirements using DiSC as a mechanism to highlight strengths and uncover barriers to change. To identify what you have and to determine what you need.

Understanding an individual's personality is a vital part of effective leadership and management. Once we recognise how someone naturally behaves, we can help them to manage their response according to the situation. Consequently, this can lead to improvements in communication and teamwork to create a more productive and responsive environment. With support you can unlock the people puzzle & this starts by having a better understanding of ourselves.

  • Develop greater self-awareness as you recognise what stimulates your motivation, your response in conflict situations, your response to stressors and your preferred style for solving problems;

  • Recognise the styles and communication preferences of others to gain an improved understanding of them;

  • Begin to adapt to the communication style of others' creating more effective relationships;

  • Demonstrate more effective management through an improved level of understanding;

  • Increase the effectiveness of the team and achieve greater productivity as a result of improved communication;

  • Demonstrate greater adaptability as an effective leader in the workplace.

Workshops are run at your work premises which require a suitably-sized space for the number of participants. Sessions are interactive, not chalk and talk, and space is required for a 'break-out' area.

The Everything DISC Profile can be administered to an individual as part of a coaching process or completed as part of a workplace prioritisation around understanding and improving team communication and dynamics. Once everyone involved understands their style and that of their colleagues they can develop increased flexibility through:

  • a greater awareness of self in the workplace

  • a greater understanding of the tendencies of their colleagues

  • strategies to communicate with differing styles more effectively


The results of which can lead to an increase in the effectiveness of team dynamics, outcomes for individuals and results for the department & business overall.

Build Better Teams
  • Enhanced self-awareness

  • Adapt to the styles of others'

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Efficient conflict management

  • Effective team development

  • Recruit the 'style' you need

  • Greater productivity

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