Have your mind set for success.

Your way of thinking. Your opinion.

Is this fixed or do you have the potential for growth?

Your 'map'

How you 'view' your 'world' is shaped by your experiences & your experiences can shape what you see & think.

Shaping You

Your collection of thoughts, habits, values & beliefs, shape your 'world view' as your mind generalises, distorts and deletes information.




To what extent do you believe (think) that you can change things?

For instance, do you hear yourself saying:

"Oh, I'm no good at that"

& so you then just accept you will not be able to do something.

Or, might your thinking (belief) be:

"I'm not good at that right now, but I can learn & adapt"

If we just accept our circumstances, such as our environment, & believe that we are stuck with the hand that we were dealt, then we are evidencing a FIXED mindset. Therefore, our thoughts, habits & beliefs do not challenge what is before us.

YET, if we accept where we are but recognise that it is possible to become more skilled & knowledgable given time, energy & resources, then we are evidencing a GROWTH mindset. Therefore, we are more likely to associate with thoughts in which we achieve.







A growth mindset may come naturally to some but not others. To help people in developing a growth mindset I think about 'ARC'.

A growth mindset means to be adaptable, to be open to experiences that are new. A willingness to change.

To become adaptable means that we are resilient, as we learn, improve & progress. A willingness to persist.

To become resilient, we need to be confident when approaching new situations. A willingness to try.

Are you prepared to try? If so, you might succeed.

But what happens if we do not try?

Looking to strengthen your resilience?

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