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Supporting You



A focus upon personal and professional achievement.

Create change that aligns with your values & priorities for improvement.

Personal support is about YOU. It focuses upon YOUR desired agenda for personal improvement. This 1:1 relationship will help you to achieve outcomes that genuinely matter to you & in a timeframe that recognises the competiting demands for your time.

Professional improvement will still encompass your personal needs. If you are committed  to your career then you are engaged in a way that matters to the personal you. And, the personal you is likely a key determining factor in your decision-making processes.

The support available is bespoke to your requirements and can be either individual or group coaching. Visit 'For the Team' to learn more about team coaching and group workshops.

This process needs you to be open to change and prepared to push beyond your comfort zone; after all, without looking at something differently how will you realise the achievements that you want for yourself?


It will help you achieve clarity: focus energy appropriately, challenge your thinking and enable you to consider your options, so that you establish the most appropriate actions for improvement and gain the rewards that you seek.


I recognise that you are the person best placed to determine and drive your development. What you seek is someone that can structure and support this process, enabling you to increase your levels of effectiveness, productivity & creativity.

Session Structure:

An initial conversation (at no cost to you) so that we can learn more about each other and determine if I am the right person for you & your development needs at this time.


Following this, if all is well, we can plan a session structure that's right for you. These are usually fortnightly sessions in order to maintain momentum, however,  the timescale is flexible and designed to meet your individual requirements.

Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes.

As a former teacher I might set homework but it's your decision as to whether you want to complete it or not. It would be directly linked to that session's focus & designed to support what you want to achieve.

Gain insight into how I connect with clients. Express what you are looking for & together we'll discuss how I can support you.