Yoga by the Sea

The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.

Five steps

Connect with people

Be physically active

Learn new skills

Give to others

Presence in the moment

Tai Chi

The NHS suggests that there are five steps to mental wellbeing.


Self-awareness is key to managing your wellbeing but not everyone is consciously 'self aware'. If we think of 'being well' perhaps we then broaden our thinking around the effective management of our wellbeing.

Physical Care:

Be active doing something that you enjoy.​

Sufficient sleep in a regular pattern.

Hydrated & eating foods that support your health.

Emotional Care:

Verbalise concerns & talk to people.

Connect with what you value & 'your purpose'.

Be 'aware' of your needs at a particular time.

Environmental Care:

Mental Care:

Be aware of what you need from your environment.

Invest in relationships with those around you.

Take time to notice & appreciate your surroundings.

It is a combination of the above that will support your mental wellbeing. As your coach, I can help you to consider these & work alongside you to make improvements that positively impact your situation and those around you.

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