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People can describe to you how challenging it is to teach, but until you experience this for yourself, you'll not know what that experience means for you.
You trained to teach to make a difference.
Your vision was to inspire, to nurture & to help young people to achieve.
As a teacher you have one of the best careers that anyone could: You possess the opportunity to shape young lives
You have passion for a subject that can be shared
A dedication to positively impact a child's experiences
we recognise how challenging the role has become:
The level of scrutiny we experience
A growing number of responsibilities
Long hours that drain your energy & resolve
The need to multitask and to retain vast amounts of information - no, I'm not talking about 'the teaching' - challenges the most organised of people.
You may feel that you're trying to climb towards a summit that cannot be reached, weighed-down by a back-pack that gets heavier with each complaint, government initiative, or similar.
But don't lose sight of the feeling when your children 'get it', when they shine just as you knew they would. Don't lose that feeling where the weight feels lifted - if only momentarily. After all, I am certain that this is why you chose to teach.
'I get it'!
If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, in need of the next school holiday & are questioning if this career is for you, I urge you to get some support.
Genuine support that is ongoing and provides more than a brief reminder of how good you are.
I want to help you to find your inner resolve so that you can teach with even greater energy & enthusiasm. I want you to thrive, not survive, in your role.
Working one-to-one or as part of a group, I can help you:

Become more resourceful

Improve time management

Plan more effectively

Enhance communication

Manage demands

Understand self

Prioritise your development

Grow your role

Increase your self-worth

Take a look at SUPPORT to locate the various topics associated with your role, or the type of support that you want to find out about.

Gain insight into how I connect with clients. Express what you are looking for & together we'll discuss how I can support you.