The development and growth of pupils can only be maximised when staff feel resourceful and confident, able to manage the increasing demands that compete for their time, whether they are a class teacher, senior leader, teaching assistant, auxilliary staff member or a governor. If your school is part of an academy, you can also be affected and influenced by Directors of the Academy itself.


Coaching is effective at all levels within the school environment.

Pupils need resourceful school staff

My motivation?

To keep hold of our educators; to nurture & develop them personally as well as professionally & to ensure that we enable people to maintain the tools to succeed in this challenging profession. Secondly, to actively address the shortfall in demand for middle & senior leader positions within our schools.

For example:

  • NQT's: support to manage the Induction year,  creating the action plans they need in order to flourish and be successful.

  • Middle Leaders: support task prioritisation  that will realise curriculum improvement and enrichment for pupils.

  • Senior Leaders: Individual or team coaching to support ongoing school development, helping to gain clarity and be decisive in identifying the significant actions that will provide substantial and sustainable development.

  • Finance: Support those individuals to effectively managing those parts of the role which cause the greatest anxieties in the current economic climate/education environment.

  • Governors/Academy Reps/Directors: Support to priorities and lead effective change in a challenging educational climate.


These suggestions are not exhaustive but provide an example; they do not represent all stakeholders.

What does an inspection 'deep-dive' mean for your subject leaders?

If judgements can be made on Curriculum, Teaching & Behaviour following a deep-dive of your curriculum, how can you  prepare staff to effectively manage the rigour of an inspection process and their increased involvement within it?

Academisation leads to organisational change

The formation of Academies has created new organisations and with this creates organisational change as new cultures emerge from within the diverse environments between schools. To lead effectively and efficiently during, and beyond, this period of change is crucial to the Academy's ability to guide and support its schools; therefore, coaching fulfills an important role in supporting Directors or Academy Committees in prioritising its actions.

I work with schools to combat these challenges so that you, as school leaders, can build and maintain the teams and school environments that will enable you to remain successful; build resilience, maintain accountability and foster resourceful and proactive individuals to provide effective leaders of learning.

I can support academy chains and school cluster networks as required to co-ordinate across school support: for example, group coaching for NQT's across the network, or, collaborative school initiatives for middle/senior leaders aimed at school improvement. These are merely suggestions and I am confident that I can adapt to the unique requirements of your own network.

Looking to strengthen your team?

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