Reading a Compass
The Leader
Within You

For senior leaders who want time to

learn, reflect, plan & do.

A ten session plan to broaden thinking & deepen understanding

Be a part of a cohort of likeminded leaders. The aim is to learn more about yourself through a specific session focus & then to plan your next steps which are to be developed ahead of the next session.

The cohort approach enables you to develop a rapport with your colleagues & to create a network of support that will benefit you beyond the session itself.

Each session adopts a similar format which provides:

Space to discuss and reflect upon what is happening for you

New learning that can broaden understanding

Time to plan your small steps of progress

Gain the support of a coach who can help guide your journey

Topics include:

Develop an improved understanding of workplace behaviour & learn how to communicate more effectively

Recognise how our internal wiring shapes perspective & attiudes and know how to create a better connection with others

The effectiveness of goal setting (when the right goals are selected)

Harnessing our motivation & recognising the formula to succeed

'Connect' with your priorities to enable better progress

Understand the agile 'you' that can strengthen your resilient approach

'Habits' create effective people

The formation of 'effective teams' through supportive individuals

Know the big picture but plan & measure the incremental steps of change

Structure of Sessions

Monthly sessions throughout the year (not August or December) following the topics above which can be adapted as the cohort evolves and specific needs emerge.

Each session follows the suggested format:

08:30 Arrival, refreshments & networking

08:45 Share last session successes

09:10 Part one of the session

10:15 Break

10:30 Part two of the session

11:30 Session summary

11:45 Action Planning

12:00 Close session

Cohorts can be arranged for am, pm or after-school sessions & should maintain the agreed date & time (except in the case of exeptional circumstances).

For further information please contact me and I'll be happy to learn about how I can support you further.

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