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Ian Clubley


Personal Performance Coach

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BA Business Management

Like most teachers, I have a passion for developing people. As a class teacher, I soon realised that my long-term interests lay outside of the classroom. I became interested in how teachers, including those with middle & senior leadership responsibilities viewed their roles. Crucially, how they viewed their 'effectiveness' in these roles.

I write this at a time when, more than ever, there is a crisis in the recruitment & retention of teachers & Headteachers. Of significant concern is the retention of teachers beyond five years of teaching which I believe negatively impacts upon both the quality & quantity of individuals looking for senior school positions.

So, if we are to address the issue, an approach is needed that can address these points simultaneously.  We need committed, confident, resilient & adaptable teachers now. We need leaders who not only share the same characteristics, but can use them to effectively nurture the leaders of tomorrow.


Everyone has it within them to raise their levels of productivity, creativeness, motivation & desire for their career. Most teachers did not train to only teach for less time than it takes a pupil to go from Reception to Year Six, or in the time in takes to journey through their secondary school.


What's missing in our training of teachers is a better understanding of 'self'; recognising how we respond in dynamic circumstances where we are pulled in opposing directions, required to wear many different hats & face a level of scrutiny considered, at times, extreme.


This is also true of our leaders who face an ever increasing list of 'accountability' & being asked to manage circumstances that seem to be far removed from 'teacher training'. If our teachers feel overwhelmed & they see our leaders in a similar position, then why would they be motivated towards senior positions?






I support  professionals that want to improve their performance; those that want to feel better about what they do.

Developing people. Recognising those unique attributes that each person possesses, then nurturing their development, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the organisation with a greater focus, enthusiasm and sense of achievement.

I support people in developing the skills and resilience to thrive rather than survive; support that enables the individual to recognise their adaptability and their determined commitment towards sustainable change...for them and for their organisation.

Inviting a coach to work alongside you means that you have someone that will draw from within you, the tools, the strength and the insight required to realise the improvement that you want.


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Part of the Worcestershire team of Volunteer Enterprise Advisers supporting our local schools.

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